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News - 11/25/2000
It seems the updates turned into "there is another Mandrake release", and in fact there is the 7.2 release.
Xfree86 4.01 really kicks ass, specially with the out of the box 3D support for the aging Voodoo 3, much better then the broken Voodoo 3 support in Xfree86 4.0 that shipped with the 7.1 release. However, sound detection with harddrake is broken again. Thank god for old sndconfig. KDE2 with Konqueror and KOffice really shines, even though I'm a gnome user. Probably the most amazing stuff in 7.2 is the sheer amount of games. If you haven't played Tuxracer or Chromium yet, you are loosing out. Big time =D
Mozilla keeps getting better and better, now up to M18. I use it on a daily basis now. Unfortunately, back when hotmail and geocities were cool, I signed up for an account with the company that is now part of the Evil Empire. I still use that account, however, it denies me access when I try to login with Mozilla. This must be a microsoft thing. For that, I must keep slow, bloated, old netscape communicator around.
No new links or screenshots this time around. I did put a little google search on the pages though.

News - 07/25/2000
Yet another sheldom update =)
I have updated to Mandrake 7.1 which is a little broken in some places, specially X for voodoo 3 graphic adapters. So much for living on the edge ... However, the hardware configuration tool did detect the sound card, something that 7.0 didn't do. The installer has been improved specially in terms of package selection, which seemed to be one of the major complaints about 7.0. Helix gnome is looking good, so yes, I have changed back to gnome. I also tried Slackware 7.1, which as 7.0, is very stable and very user unfriendly.
As most of you know StartOffice 5.2 is out. Some other usable software of interest is Real Player 7 and the Flash 4 Netscape plug-in. These have existed for a while, but these releases actually match their other platform counterparts. Now, if Apple was so kind as to release Quicktime 4 for Linux ...
Mozilla M16 has been out for a while as well, and is getting to a very usable state. It still crashes occasionaly, but so do other applications that have been out for ages.
There are some new screenshots as an updated links page.

News - 04/25/2000
Finally I decided to do another update =)
Anyways, Linux things first: Have updated to Mandrake 7.0 which seems much more stable on the enlightenment DR16 front then Mandrake 6.1. Actually DR16.3 is rather sweet, so sweet in fact that I don't even use gnome or KDE anymore. Mandrake 7.0 has a really nice install package as well as after install configuration tools. I have also got Red Hat 6.2, which doesn't seem as broken as Red Hat 6.1, but it still uses enlightenment DR15.5.
Actually Red Hat 6.2 is installed on the old 486, which is the router/firewall for the main machine and another 486. Hey, gotta do something with those old computers.
I have also been playing with Mozilla releases since M12 (M15 is the latest). Although M12 was pre-alpha (M15 is beta), Mozilla is quite smooth when compared to the memory intensive Communicator package. The whole navigator/email/news/composer package is about 6 Megs for the download. However, still broken in certain places.
There is a not so new screenshot from back in December on the shots page. There are a few more links as well.

News - 11/25/1999
It has been quite awhile since I have updated the site. Run into some computer problems, intalled Mandrake Linux 6.1, after trying out Red Hat 6.1 which I find terribly broken, and Slackware 7.0 which is still quite user unfriendly. Anyways, I'm using a KDE desktop since pre gnome october and enlightenment pre DR16 do not cooperate well enough (gnome doesn't recognize e as a gnome compliant window manager). Hehe, it almost looks like a windoze desktop, check the new screenshot.
I did little updates here and there but nothing drastic. Hopefully the next update won't take so long ...
In another news, no more dial-up for me, =), got myself DSL (the ppp over ethernet kind which is still a little broken, but hey, 130 K downloads are certainly better then 4.8 K downloads).

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