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Modem AT commands
Passing commands to the modem
List of AT commands
Explanation of AT commands

Linux Dial-up

In order to have your linux system dial into your ISP (internet service provider), usually you will need to know the following:
  • The local access telephone number
  • Your network username and password
  • The authentication protocol used which would be one of the following:
    • Plain text (the least secure)
    • PAP (secure)
    • CHAP (the most secure)
  • The DNS (Domain Name Server) numbers of your ISP
In certain situations you may also need to know the following:
  • Your static IP address (as opposed to a dynamically assigned IP address)
  • The proxy IP address of your ISP
If you are unsure or the above information call you ISP's tech support line. If your ISP doesn't have a tech support department, or if tech support is unable to provide you with the above information, I strongly suggest finding a different ISP.
Soon I will have more information on this, however the following documents should help you getting started.

Not all modems work with Linux. Winmodems are not modems has very good information about modems and Linux.
More Linux and modem information (rather technical) can be found here.

And here is a really good tutorial on how to setup the necessary files to connect to your ISP.

ISP Connectivity mini HOWTO